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Artificial Turf Infill – Rubber vs Envirofill

In light of the recent news stories regarding the questionable safety of the rubber infill used with synthetic grass, O’Neill’s Green Services  is letting you know that we ONLY recommend Envirofill – the SAFE ALTERNATIVE to rubber! Rubber infill, also known as crumb rubber, is made up of automobile tires that have been finely ground down into bits that are then sprinkled onto artificial turf surfaces. Although there has not been any scientific evidence that supports some people’s thinking that this process causes any change in the chemical make-up of the rubber, it is a valid concern that we take seriously. The biggest concern being that when the rubber heats up under the hot sun, is there a chance that toxic gasses could be created and released into the air where it can be inhaled…? Another concern is the fact that the rubber can stick to your clothes via static electricity and occasionally due to melting to it, which then tracks it into your home, car, and various other places. More info on Envirofill vs Zeofill coming soon.

These are just some reasons why O’Neill’s Green Services chooses to use the ONLY infill proven to be safe and effective – Envirofill – because we believe that your happiness and safety should be our top priority!

All turf needs infill to standup, and at O’Neill’s Green Services, Envirofill is the only infill we recommend. Envirofill is the longest-lasting, strongest and safest artificial turf infill. It’s Microban antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that create stains, odors and turf deterioration. It doesn’t retain moisture which is the most important point if you have dogs. You will be able to rinse it effectively and the Microban technology reduces ammonia odor from urine by 99%. It also doesn’t absorb heat, keeping turf 25% cooler. It doesn’t float so it will never migrate or need to be replenished and it will never compact, keeping the nice feel under foot that you want from turf.

Rubber infill was created, and originally intended, for use on synthetic sport turf surfaces to provide impact protection when falling at a high rate of speed or intensity. This level of protection is not necessary for daily home usage, but can still be achieved by adding a layer of foam padding underneath the artificial grass surface. Our foam padding is especially effective for use under play structures and other areas that have fall zone risks, with protection ratings of 6, 9 and 12 foot falls.

All infill is replaceable, however not all companies are able to complete the process properly. O’Neill’s Green Services will not only come out to give you a FREE estimate to replace your potentially hazardous crumb rubber infill with our human and pet safe Envirofill, we guarantee our work. Our courteous and professional team of installers can extract and replace your infill without causing any damage to your synthetic grass. We also sell Envirofill directly to contractors and homeowners, in 50 pound bags, for self-install projects!

Get your FREE estimate for Artificial Turf with Envirofill today!

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