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Fremont Backyard Putting Greens

Fremont Backyard Putting Greens

There is an old saying in golf, “drive for show, putt for dough”.  Sure it feels good to bomb a drive 300 + yards but like the saying states, the money is made on the green with the putter.  I have noticed that many amateur golfers don’t spend enough time working on their putting.  I myself am guilty of this to.  Most of my practice involves hitting bucket after bucket of balls and leaving only a few minutes putting on the practice green.  There is no better way to improve the most critical aspect of scoring then by installing a synthetic putting green in your backyard.  Here are a few of the Fremont backyard putting greens installed by the pros at O’Neill’s Green Services.

One of our Fremont synthetic nylon backyard putting green installs is located off of Mission Blvd. just east of Niles Canyon Road.  The customer, who is an employee at Callippee golf course in Pleasanton, California just couldn’t find enough time in his day to work on his putting at the course, and felt a green in his backyard was the answer.  The hard working and diligent installers at O’Neill’s Green Services worked with the customer to build a custom artificial putting green to his exact specifications including desired Stimp speed.  This green was built using the standard method of a 3-4 inch crushed drain rock and decomposed granite sub-base.  Once the sub-base was complete the customer was able to choose the shape of his green, as well as the location of the holes and amount of break to suit his level of putting.  The finished product was amazing and will surely give the customer the practice needed to “putt for dough”.

Another artificial Fremont backyard putting green installed by O’Neill’s Green Services is also located off of Mission Blvd. just west of Interstate 680.  The customer decided against the standard method of a rock sub-base and chose to build his green using Tourlinks panels instead.  Tourlinks is a system of interconnecting plastic panels that snap together like a puzzle and are secured to one another using screws.  This method is gaining popularity for a number of reasons.  Due to the fact that no rock is needed, a Tourlinks green can be installed either inside or out.  It can also make it possible to install an artificial putting green in areas where bringing in a rock sub-base just wouldn’t be feasible, such as a rooftop, cruise ship or deck.  If a homeowner decides to move, the Tourlinks green can simply be taken apart and installed in a new location.  Unlike a standard rock base green, the contours on a Tourlinks green can be changed by inserting foam mats under the panels until the desired break is achieved.

Whatever method you choose, the staff at O’Neill’s Green Services will work with you to make your putting green dreams come true.

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