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Backyard Nylon Or Poly Putting Greens Installation

-Most Experience Hands Down

-Golf Course Construction Crew

We are the ONLY artificial putting green installation company with real golf course construction experience.  Our roots lie in building real grass putting greens but the upkeep was simply to much for our customers.

Don’t get caught up having your backyard putting green done by a landscaper who doesn’t even golf!  We fix bad installs all the time, and its costly.  Building a synthetic putting green that functions properly is a craft that takes years to perfect and the installers at Forever Putting Greens have the dedication and attention to detail needed to build your dream green!  OGS is also the ONLY company in northern California that installs both sand-filled greens and nylon surfaces.  Other companies will strong arm you into choosing there single method, either nylon or sand filled.  Every situation and every golfer is different, we give you the pros and cons of each and let you decide.

The speed of your putting green is one of the most important aspects of a synthetic putting green.  Do you want your green speed to be adjustable?  would you like the speed at a constant?  Would you like the speed to mimic your favorite course?  These are some of the small details we go over on our initial consultation.  These are very important details that our competitors don’t even think of.  Click here to schedule an estimate with the pros at O’Neill’s Green Services today!

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