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The TigerTurf Diamond Series Turf: Unveiling a Revolution in Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a low-maintenance alternative for sports fields. Today, it has evolved into a sophisticated landscaping solution that not only mimics the look and feel of natural grass but also offers numerous advantages in terms of durability, aesthetics, and sustainability. Among the many players in […]

We Have the Best Synthetic Grass Reviews!

At O’Neill’s Green Services (925) 443-7888, our customers ALWAYS come first! This is because we know that your complete satisfaction is the best way to help our business grow. Word of mouth is the greatest advertising there is, because it comes from real people talking about their real experiences. Approximately forty percent of our business […]

Our Solution to the California Drought, Save Water by Going to Synthetic Grass!

Call Today! 925-443-7888 Or Visit: www.ogservices.us As California enters into the fourth year of one of the most severe droughts in the State’s history, residents are being asked to continue to conserve water by finding ways to further reduce their usage. On average, 50% or more of household water usage is put into landscaping, which […]

Artificial Turf Infill – Rubber vs Envirofill

In light of the recent news stories regarding the questionable safety of the rubber infill used with synthetic grass, O’Neill’s Green Services  is letting you know that we ONLY recommend Envirofill – the SAFE ALTERNATIVE to rubber! Rubber infill, also known as crumb rubber, is made up of automobile tires that have been finely ground […]

Portable Putting Greens

Putting Mats NO MORE 3 PUTTS!!! The one putt pro is the only putting matt and Portable Putting Green that can receive short bump-and-run chip shots with realistic ball reception. It’s bounce and roll-out is second to none! At O’Neill’s Green Services  we are dedicated to helping our customers make more putts. This nylon putting […]

Wholesale Artificial Turf & Synthetic Grass Pricing

Wholesale Artificial Turf grass and Putting Green Distributor Cash- in on the growing demand for artificial grass and enjoy wholesale pricing form O’Neill’s Green Services. Don’t let the full time artificial grass installers steal all your business. Buy directly from us and save thousands. We carry a wide range of synthetic grass products from multiple […]

Artificial Putting Green – Get One For Your Yard Today!

Artificial Putting Green The art of building an Artificial Putting green takes a lot of patience and skill.   To design the perfect green that masks an actual living green takes many years of sub base expertise and should not be installed by just any “landscape” company.  If you live in the tri valley or bay area […]

Tourlinks Partnership

O’Neill’s Green Services  had a great year making peoples backyard dreams come true in 2007.   We made a great partnership with Tourlinks and doubled our sales volume from 2006. Our partnership with Tourlinks has allowed us to use their recycled rubber panels as a sub-base on our putting greens and help us hold true to our commitment […]

Synthetic Putting Greens and Fake Grass

O’Neill’s Green Services  is at the forefront of the Artificial grass / Synthetic Putting Greens revolution.  Based in Livermore, we love to work in the tri-valley but also go to the central valley, Monterey as well as San Francisco and beyond.  An artificial putting green made by O’Neill’s Green Services  will last 20+ years.  We […]

Artificial Grass For Dogs

A common question among our customers is whether artificial grass is suitable for pets, especially dogs. O’Neill’s Green Services answer is always the same, yes, it’s a good choice. We have completed a ton of installs from dog lovers wanting a better environment for their animals.  O’Neill’s Green Services has done multiple dog runs in […]

Polypropylene Vs. Nylon Putting Green Turf Surface

For those of you considering a backyard putting green in the tri valley or bay area, there is a simple question you should ask yourself before calling an installer. Polypropylene Vs. Nylon Can I hit shots to my green over 35 yards? If your answer is NO, then a Nylon putting Green Turf surface is probably for you.  The only […]

History of Bocce Ball

History of Bocce Ball Bocce is traditionally played on natural soil or asphalt courts approximately 60 to 90 feet in length and 8 to 13 feet wide, sometimes with wooden boards of approximately 4-12” in height surrounding the court. Bocce balls can be made of metal or various kind of plastic unlike lawn bowling bocce […]

Bocce Ball Court Turf on Synthetic Grass

Bocce Ball Court Turf on Synthetic Grass Bocce courts are a wonderful addition to any backyard, park, community center or winery.  Ages of all have been participating in this global sport for centuries.  Bocce is traditionally played on natural soil, oyster shell, aggregate, sand or asphalt courts, which require lot of maintenance to keep them […]

Pleasanton Backyard Putting Greens

Pleasanton Backyard Putting Greens Most homes in Pleasanton, CA have enough space to allow for a Pleasanton backyard putting green.   Putting Greens are great additions to people’s yards because it will save you money in water usage, and you’ll turn your backyard into a putting paradise. Back yard putting greens in Pleasanton would be […]

Livermore Golf Courses

Livermore Golf Courses Golf Courses In Livermore, CA have a lot to offer.  From the 27-hole NCGA course at Poppy Ridge to the 9-hole muni course in Springtown, there is something for golfers at every level. Poppy Ridge is a Reese Jones built NCGA course (4280 Greenville Rd, Livermore, CA 94550, (925)456-8202).  Its sister course […]

San Ramon Golf Courses

San Ramon Golf Courses Located 40 miles east of San Francisco, San Ramon lies in the center of northern California’s tri-valley. With a beautiful annual climate and easy access from anywhere in the east bay, there is nothing better than spending a few hours on one of the several San Ramon golf courses. San Ramon […]

Golf Courses In Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek Golf Courses Located off of Interstate 680, the city of Walnut Creek, California has plenty of exciting things to offer for someone looking to have some fun.  Whether grabbing a bite to eat at one of Walnut Creeks many restaurants or shopping at some of the high end stores in the downtown area, […]

Golf Courses In Alamo Golf Club

Alamo Golf Courses Alamo is home to two of the oldest and most prestigious Country Clubs and golf courses in the San Ramon Valley:  Round Hill Country Club and Diablo Country Club. Round Hill Country Club Located at 3169 Round Hill Road Alamo, CA 94507 Tel: (925) 934-8211 Fax: (925) 831-8291 Round Hill’s recently remodeled […]

Golf Courses In Danville

Danville Golf Courses The town of Danville, California is home to two of the most prestigious, privately funded country clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area: Blackhawk Country Club and Crow Canyon Country Club.  Both clubs are located in the San Ramon Valley and the golf courses are set in amongst the rolling foothills beneath […]

San Ramon Backyard Putting Greens Design & Installation

San Ramon Backyard Putting Greens Can you hit a golf ball a mile off the tee?  Do your approach shots land on the green with laser precision only to 3 putt for bogey of even worse?  If you look at your scorecard at the end of each round and say, “If it wasn’t for all […]

Fremont Backyard Putting Greens

Fremont Backyard Putting Greens There is an old saying in golf, “drive for show, putt for dough”.  Sure it feels good to bomb a drive 300 + yards but like the saying states, the money is made on the green with the putter.  I have noticed that many amateur golfers don’t spend enough time working […]

Golf Courses In Fremont – Fremont Park Golf Center

Fremont Golf Courses in Fremont California Located in the southeast section of the San Francisco bay area in Alameda County, Fremont, California is an extremely diverse city with much history.  With a population of 213,000 residents as of 2009, Fremont is the 4th most populas city in the San Francisco bay area.  With the amount […]

Synthetic & Artificial Grass Fremont

Synthetic Lawn in Fremont, California Do you ever drive through your neighborhood and see a lawn so nice it almost looks fake?  You think about all the time, energy and water wasted to keep a lawn looking nice.  If there was only a way to get that same look without all the hassle involved we […]

Milpitas Golf Courses

Milpitas Golf Courses in Milpitas, California Milpitas is a city in Santa Clara County, California. It is located with San Jose to its south and Fremont to its north, at the eastern end of State Route 237 and generally between Interstates 680 and 880 which run roughly north/south through the city. With Alameda County bordering […]

Backyard Putting Greens In San Jose

San Jose Backyard Putting Greens What do you do when you are a golfer looking to practice your putting in California’s third largest city?  A city with over a million residents is surely to have a few golf courses to hone your skills at.  There are nine to be exact.  Nine golf courses spread out […]

Oakland Bocce Ball Court Putting Green Design & Installation

-Multiple Surface Options Your wife likes Bocce Ball, you like Golf or vise versa?  Don’t worry, we have the solution. Have you ever seen a hybrid putting green/bocce court?  We haven’t either, until we invented it!  We are the ONLY company that offers this product.  Our synthetic surface solution is maintenance free so once you […]

Walnut Creek Bocce Ball Court Construction, Design‎ & Installation

Originally developed in Italy, bocce ball is a sport similar to lawn bowling.  With its common ancestry coming from ancient games played in the Roman Empire, bocce ball is played throughout Europe as well as overseas in areas that have received Italian immigrants.  These areas include Australia, North America, and South America.  With the popularity […]

Bocce Ball Court Design In Livermore

Bocce ball is an ancient game developed in Italy, whose modern adaptation most closely resembles bowling. It is traditionally played on a court 60 – 90 feet long and 8 – 13 feet wide consisting of natural soil or asphalt. The rules are complex, but basically two players or two teams of 2, 3, or […]

Bocce Ball Court Design, Installation & Construction‎ Pleasanton

Bocce ball is an ancient game developed in Italy, whose modern adaptation most closely resembles bowling. It is traditionally played on a court 60 – 90 feet long and 8 – 13 feet wide consisting of natural soil or asphalt. The rules are complex, but basically two players or two teams of 2, 3, or […]

The Alternative to a Rock Base Putting Green – Tour Links Putting Green

The Alternative to a Rock Base Synthetic Putting Green There are many steps involved in creating a synthetic putting green.  Removal of existing grass and earth to a depth of 3-4 inches, checking for proper drainage, rock installation and compaction, and finally the installation of the putting turf itself.  A bad sub-base equals a bad […]

Backyard Nylon Or Poly Putting Greens Installation

-Most Experience Hands Down -Golf Course Construction Crew We are the ONLY artificial putting green installation company with real golf course construction experience.  Our roots lie in building real grass putting greens but the upkeep was simply to much for our customers. Don’t get caught up having your backyard putting green done by a landscaper who doesn’t […]

Golf Courses in San Jose California

Public Golf Courses in San Jose, California When it comes to golf, not everyone can afford the high costs of country club memberships or private courses. With fees reaching well into six figures many people opt to go the public golf course route. Public golf courses in San Jose are quite plentiful, and rival many […]

Putting Tips – Bridging the Gap between Practice and Play

If you’re considering installing a synthetic grass or poly putting green in your yard, chances are you understand the significance that ‘PRACTICE’ has on your golf swing and golf scores. However, if you’re not a touring pro surrounded by veteran coaches and game improvement gadgets and resources, chances are you have no idea HOW to […]

Artificial Turf: Environmental and Health Risks – What Do the Experts Say?

Environmental and Health Risks of Artificial Turf: What Do the Experts Say? Artificial turf continues to gain in popularity for many reasons: its low maintenance, it looks great all year long, it saves on the water bill, and it has many practical applications from landscape grass, backyard putting greens, bocce ball court construction, and is […]

Bay Area Golf Show at Santa Clara Convention Center

O’Neill’s Green Services will be at the Spring Bay Area Golf Show coming up! Northern California’s biggest golf expo runs Mar. 2-4 at Santa Clara Convention Ctr.! SANTA CLARA Convention Center doors are thrown open to the 2012 Bay Area Golf Show — the largest annual consumer golf expo in Northern California and the golf […]

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