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Bocce Ball Court Turf on Synthetic Grass

Bocce Ball Court Turf on Synthetic Grass

Bocce courts are a wonderful addition to any backyard, park, community center or winery.  Ages of all have been participating in this global sport for centuries.  Bocce is traditionally played on natural soil, oyster shell, aggregate, sand or asphalt courts, which require lot of maintenance to keep them up to speed.

At O’Neill’s Green Services  we have combined the right soil and aggregate compaction, and our top quality turf, to give our customers the best courts out there today.  We use a turf that has the right, absorption, firmness, and extensive drainage to expel even the heaviest rainfall away from the court.

Our Bocce Ball Court Turf Courts can be constructed with a concrete boarder, or a timber framed boarder around the court.  The sub-base can be 4-18” depending on the soil, geographical region, or the surrounding landscape and hardscape. We can use a compacted crushed drain rock base, pour concrete, or even go as far as building the court on pervious concrete (Porous Concrete)

In pervious concrete, carefully controlled amounts of water and cementitious materials are used to create a paste that forms a thick coating around aggregate particles. A pervious concrete mixture contains little or no sand, creating a substantial void content. Using sufficient paste to coat and bind the aggregate particles together creates a system of highly permeable, interconnected voids that drains quickly. Typically, between 15% and 25% voids are achieved in the hardened concrete, and flow rates for water through pervious concrete are typically around 480 in./hr (0.34 cm/s, which is 5 gal/ft²/ min or 200 L/m²/min), although they can be much higher. Both the low mortar content and high porosity also reduce strength compared to conventional concrete mixtures, but sufficient strength for many applications is readily achieved.

While pervious concrete can be used for a surprising number of applications, its primary use is in pavement that returns water directly back to the environment. It has also has been referred to as porous concrete, permeable concrete, no-fines concrete, gap-graded concrete, and enhanced-porosity concrete.

Bocce ball courts are completely level with no slope to encourage runoff.  So at O’Neill’s Green Services we prefer to use pervious concrete to drain the water directly through our profile as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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