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Our Solution to the California Drought, Save Water by Going to Synthetic Grass!

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As California enters into the fourth year of one of the most severe droughts in the State’s history, residents are being asked to continue to conserve water by finding ways to further reduce their usage. On average, 50% or more of household water usage is put into landscaping, which means people are being forced to look for alternative ways to keep their yards looking attractive, using less or no water. This is where O’Neill’s Green Services can help…by revitalizing your outdoor living space with artificial grass. Last year, about 110 million square feet of synthetic grass was installed in the U.S. alone, with that amount predicted to double in 2015. The average grass lawn requires approximately 10,000 gallons of water per year, to maintain its lush green appearance. Artificial lawns installed by Forever Greens not only have that same lush appearance that homeowners desire, they have the added benefit of never needing to be watered, fertilized, or cut. Setting aside the obvious benefit of saving water, installing artificial grass also saves you money on your water bill and lawn maintenance products, as well as saves you time by not having to maintain them. Less time being spent maintaining your lawn means more time to spend with family or doing the things you’ve been wanting to!

On September 4, 2015, in an effort to encourage homeowners to purchase and install water-saving landscaping, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 349 into immediate effect, which bars homeowners associations (HOA’s) from forbidding synthetic grass or turf in their communities. For added protection to homeowners, the new bill also states that once the drought is declared to be over, HOA’s are prevented from requiring homeowners to remove or reverse water-efficient landscaping. Residents should be aware that HOA’s can still make landscaping rules – just not in a way that would ban the installation of artificial lawns. Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego), who drafted the bill, made a statement at the time saying, “Across the state, Californians are making great strides to reduce their water use and hit aggressive benchmarks for conservation, and this new common sense law will give homeowners one more way to save as this drought continues,” Gonzalez said. “The grass may be fake, but the amount of water a homeowner can save by installing it is very real.” https://fox5sandiego.com/, Posted 3:45 PM, September 4, 2015, by FOX 5 Digital Team, Updated at 03:51pm, September 4, 2015

On August 12, 2015, in an effort to further encourage homeowners to replace their dead or dying lawns with water saving alternatives like drought resistant plants or landscape, and synthetic grass, the California Department of Water Resources announced the start of the “Turf and Toilet Rebate”. Besides offering homeowners an opportunity to replace their water wasting appliances, this rebate program has $24 million in funding that has been allocated to state and local turf replacement programs, which will rebate $2 per square foot of turf replaced, to a limit of $2,000 per household. Various types of vegetation and ground covers qualify for the rebate and will add new “life” to your home. O’Neill’s Green Service’s experienced staff is prepared to help homeowners replace their unsightly water thirsty lawns with drought tolerant plants, hardscapes or synthetic turf of the highest quality. California residents can visit www.SaveOurWaterRebates.com to get more information and apply for the rebates, as well as visit www.ogservices.us for project ideas and information. Customers can also call us at 925-443-7888 to set up a FREE estimate.

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