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Pleasanton Backyard Putting Greens

Pleasanton Backyard Putting Greens

Most homes in Pleasanton, CA have enough space to allow for a Pleasanton backyard putting green.   Putting Greens are great additions to people’s yards because it will save you money in water usage, and you’ll turn your backyard into a putting paradise.

Back yard putting greens in Pleasanton would be a great addition to most peoples landscaping because it’s an area that would be maintenance free for years to come.   A “Real lawn” requires a lot more attention than a maintenance free putting green would.  That way you don’t have to worry about the water, weeds, rodents, edging and mowing your lawn areas. Most yards in Pleasanton have front and back lawns, so why not keep the front lawn for all the neighbors and public to see, and add a Backyard Putting Green for your self.

If you practice your putting just once or twice a week, from the time that you saved in caring your landscaping, you’ll begin to develop a great short game.  When the average golfer goes to the driving range, they hit balls for about an hour, and quickly run out of time to work on their short games.   This way you can improve, on your game in the privacy of you home, and people don’t need to see you chunk or thin a chip!  With a backyard putting green, you’ll get a chance to fine tune your short game and keep your touch fresh and sharp. At O’Neill’s Green Services  we are dedicated to saving you time and energy so you can put that back into your short game.   We believe if you have a Pleasanton Backyard Putting Green, you will be able to practice, entertain, save money, and shave strokes off your game for years to come.  O’Neill’s Green Services has been installing backyard putting greens for 15 years directly out of the Tri-valley area, So please give us a call when your ready to PUTT…….925.443.7888 (PUTT).  www.ogservices.us

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