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Artificial Grass Yard Renovation in Hillsborough, Ca

Drought Resistant Landscaping

The Forever Greens office in Livermore, Ca received a call in November 2015, from a customer wanting a quote for a complete revamp of her yards. She wanted to replace the drought starved lawns in the front, back and side yards of her Hillsborough home, but was not sure if she could afford to do all three at once. While searching on Yelp for reputable companies that service her area, the customer came upon our 5-star rated company and was impressed with the numerous rave reviews that had been written. After meeting with our friendly and knowledgeable sales representative, she knew she made the right choice and eagerly set a date to install synthetic grass in all three areas of her home.

We service Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon, Danville, Blackhawk, San Jose, Silicon Valley and neighboring cities in CA.

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An Artificial Lawn with Natural Curb Appeal

Overgrown side yard.After- Artificial Grass InstalledTwo weeks later, the Forever Greens installation crew arrived at the Hillsborough home to begin the first phase of the project. The 156 square foot area was covered in dead natural grass that had to be removed before installation of the artificial grass could take place. The ground was excavated to our company‰Ûªs custom depth, and a slight grade was added to allow water to drain away from the home. In order to protect the synthetic grass from being damaged by anything growing beneath it, a weed barrier was placed on top of the dirt. Layers of drain rock and decomposed granite were then installed on top of it, and compacted to a smooth level surface for the turf to be secured to. It was now time to roll out the synthetic grass and cut it to the specified design shape. Each seam was meticulously glued and nailed to create a seamless finish, and Envirofill infill was evenly spread and brushed into the surface to give it a beautiful natural appearance. (See before and after pictures above).

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Preparing for Artificial Turf Installation

Before - A Back Yard JungleThe second and third phases of the project were set to be installed simultaneously, beginning with a complete excavation of the entire area. There were several shrubs, trees, and sections of river rock that lined the project area, which had to be removed before the synthetic grass could be installed. Once our professional installation crew cut and removed everything that had been specified, they began the process of laying down the weed barrier and layers of rock. 487 square feet of synthetic turf was installed in the back yard, while the side yard covered an area of 415 square feet. Each seam was glued and nailed down to prevent lifting or fraying, and our antimicrobial infill, Envirofill, was brushed in for the final touch. (Before Picture)

The Holidays Are Much Sweeter with New Artificial Lawns

After - A Beautiful New Play AreaThe artificial turf chosen to complete all of the projects was our Diamond Fescue Pro, manufactured by Tiger Turf. It is a plush and durable product that provides a full natural grass appearance, adding beauty to any home. After only three days of construction, the Forever Greens crew completed the project. The customer was overjoyed to see how magnificent her yards looked, and graciously thanked the installers for revamping her home in time for the holidays. (After Picture)

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