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Artificial Grass and French Drain Installation in Piedmont, CA

On occasion, customers call in to Forever Greens with hopes of having a project started and completed by specific deadlines. Although those expectations cannot always be met, due to time constraints, we do our best to accommodate all of our customers and make their home improvement dreams come true in a timely manner.

One of our customers in Piedmont, California is a perfect example of this. He called in and spoke with one of our courteous office managers one day in late September 2015, hoping to receive a free quote to have synthetic grass and a French drain installed in his back yard. The catch‰Û_the project had to be completed before Thanksgiving. Our construction calendar was quickly filling up, but he was pleased to hear that we would be able to meet his requirement, and decided to set an appointment to meet with one of our knowledgeable designers. After viewing a variety of samples and discussing design options, the customer made his selections and the date was set to get his project started.

We service Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon, Danville, Blackhawk, San Jose, Silicon Valley and neighboring cities in CA.

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Creative Excavation and Artificial Turf Installation

Homes in Piedmont, CA, are largely built on hilltops or into hillsides, which often makes access to their back yards particularly difficult, and this house was no exception. On November 13th, our Forever Greens installation crew arrived at the Piedmont, CA, home to begin the demolition and excavation of the back yard project area. We generally use a small motorized Bobcat tractor to do the work, however, a narrow pathway consisting of 26 steps made this impossible. This meant that all necessary work to prepare the ground for the artificial turf to be installed had to be done by hand, so workers with shovels, wheel barrows and buckets quickly got to work.  A few small trees lined the area where the synthetic turf was to be installed, which meant that additional work would need to be done to trim back the roots, preventing any damage to the grass once installed. After a day and a half, the ground was prepped and ready for the next step to begin.

Excavation Ready To Begin. Showing the yard relatively leveled now wtih only the ground remaining.
Excavation Ready To Begin
Cutting Back the Tree Roots showing another angle of the backyard and a large area of tree roots somewhat showing.
Cutting Back the Tree Roots


A French Drain to Ensure a Well-Draining Artificial Lawn

Leveling and Compacting a Smooth Surface. A layer of å_ inch drain rock was laid down and compacted.The French drain was first to install, so the Forever Greens crew began digging a trench measuring 6 inches wide and running the length of the project area. A drain pipe was placed into the trench that would catch the water as it seeped into the ground and route it away from the yard, into an existing drain that was built within a retaining wall that lined the area. Rock was then laid into the trench to assist with drainage and hold the pipe securely in place. To ensure that roots, weeds and other underground elements would not come up to damage the artificial grass in the future, a layer of weed barrier and gopher guard were installed next.

Now the tedious work began. Buckets upon buckets of drain rock and decomposed granite were carried into the back yard. A layer of å_ inch drain rock was laid down and compacted first, followed by a layer of decomposed granite that was also compacted and wetted. Once leveled, it was time for the turf to be rolled out and cut to design specifications.

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Installing the Artificial Grass

1,665 square feet of Global SynTurf‰Ûªs Double W-85oz turf product was chosen by the customer, to complete his artificial lawn. After each section was rolled out and cut, every seam was meticulously glued and nailed down to prevent lifting. The final process to creating a plush seamlessly finished synthetic lawn was now ready to begin. A heavy roller was used over the entire surface of the grass in order to remove any lumps. To keep the turf standing tall like natural grass, infill is sprinkled and broomed into it.

Envirofill for Infill

At Forever Greens, our infill of choice is Envirofill. Made with Microban antimicrobial technology, it prevents bacteria and mold from growing, as well as reduces ammonia from pet urine by ninety nine percent. It also reduces heat by twenty five percent, keeping the nice feel under foot that you want from turf.

A Reputation for Quality Synthetic Turf Installation

The complete project showng the beautiful seamless artificial grass and fence and home in background.Forever Greens always puts our customers first, and strives for their complete satisfaction from first contact to project completion. This Piedmont customer was no exception. He was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and high quality work exhibited by our company, and expressed that he would gladly refer us to anyone in need of our services. His home now had the perfect back yard setting to entertain his family and friends for the holidays!

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The Completed Atherton Artificial Grass Project showing beautiful artificial grass and the retaining wall with a built in drain.
The Completed Piedmont Artificial Grass Project (Different View)

So, call us today at Forever Greens for your artificial turf needs and let our experienced staff provide you with the results that you want. CALL 925-443-7888

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