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Artificial Grass, Pleasanton, CA

Not all Artificial Turf projects are simple, and the recent Synthetic Lawn that Forever Greens installed in Pleasanton Ca., proved it. Fortunately for the customer, our company was ready for the challenge. With over 10 years of experience installing Synthetic Turf, we have developed and narrowed down the best installation practices, to make any project look seamless.

We service Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon, Danville, Blackhawk, San Jose, Silicon Valley and neighboring cities in CA.

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This Artificial Grass Installation was complex . . .

Prior to the artificial grass installation with all the pieces not put together.
Pleasanton Artificial Grass BEFORE
AFTER the beautiful seamless artificial grass installation butted up against a retaining wall.
Pleasanton Artificial Grass AFTER


This particular Pleasanton project had an area where the Artificial Lawn was rounded on one side and butted up against a low retaining wall on another. Due to the complexity of the angles, several cuts of the Synthetic Grass were required, in order to completely cover the area. Our professional Forever Greens installation crew laid out the flat edged pieces of Turf, and carefully cut them into the perfect sizes to fit the design layout.

A Seamless Artificial Grass Installation

When installing Synthetic Grass, multiple cuts means having multiple seams to finish. At Forever Greens, we believe that customers should never have to worry about the placement or visibility of those seams in their Artificial Turf. To ensure the perfect finish, the Forever Greens crew meticulously glued and nailed every edge, ensuring that they would not lift or fray.  The finished product was a beautiful and seamless Artificial Lawn that the customer loved. At Forever Greens, we always strive to keep our customers happy, from beginning to end!

Use the Experts at Forever Greens

At Forever Greens, we know that not all projects are simple, which is why we recommend using high quality professionals like us to handle your project. We can guarantee that no matter how large, small or detailed your project may be, it will be handled professionally and efficiently, from beginning to end.

So, call us today at Forever Greens for your artificial turf needs and let our experienced staff provide you with the results that you want. CALL 925-443-7888

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