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Artificial Grass Infill

Whether you are in an area that is not getting enough water to keep your lawn beautiful or are just tired of the year-round maintenance factor, Forever Greens can help you achieve your dream of a lush green lawn.

We service Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon, Danville, Blackhawk, San Jose, Silicon Valley and neighboring cities in CA.

The Benefits of Installing Synthetic Grass:

    • No watering
    • No mowing
    • No weeding
    • No chemical fertilizers and herbicides
    • Adds property value
    • Enhances the aesthetics of your landscape

Infill‰ Done Right is the Key to Laying Turf Properly

All turf needs infill to standup.  At Forever Greens Envirofill is the only infill we recommend.  Envirofill is the longest-lasting, strongest and safest artificial turf infill. Its Microban antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that create stains, odors and turf deterioration.

Infill for Dog Runs

Envirofill doesn’t retain moisture which is the most important point if you have dogs. You will be able to rinse it effectively and the Microban technology reduces ammonia odor from urine by 99%. It also doesn’t absorb heat, keeping turf 25% cooler. It doesn’t float so it will never migrate or need to be replenished and it will never compact, keeping the nice feel under foot that you want from turf.

The Envirofill Logo.Envirofill Facts:

  • Safest / healthiest infill product
  • Keeps turf 25% cooler, does not absorb heat
  • Does not retain moisture (dog urine and bacteria)
  • Doesn’t compact, keeping soft feel under foot
  • 16 year warranty / can be reused

Non-recommended infills:

Regular sand – retains moisture, as in dog urine and could act as a moist, fertile bed for weeds mold and bacteria to thrive. It retains heat and makes turf 25% hotter, doesn‰’t drain water very fast. Compacts over time and breaks the fibers down quicker than the rounded Envirofill. Sand contains silica dust which is dangerous to breathe and breaks down the turf faster.

Rubber – Rubber also retains moisture and heat.  It also floats, and in a big downpour could migrate to the drains. It clings to cloths and shoes and will be tracked into the house.

Artificial Grass Cost

In order to cut costs some contractors and manufactures sell infill free turf. Infill free turf will crease the turf fibers giving you a flattened surface very quickly. Once a fiber creases, it creates a weak point and will lay flat indefinitely. Using Envirofill helps the turf roll over and spring back to life giving you vertical blades for years to come.

Forever Greens Artificial Grass

Your best choice is to use the services of the Bay Area‰’s premier artificial turf Installation Company. We have been installing synthetic grass for 10 years now and have become the artificial turf installation authority. Additionally our wholesale turf pricing is the lowest in Northern California.

So, call us today at Forever Greens for your artificial turf needs and let our experienced staff provide you with the results that you want. CALL 925-443-7888

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