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Hybrid Bocce Ball Court Putting Green Design & Instalation

January 27, 2010

-Multiple Surface options

Your wife likes Bocce Ball, you like Golf or vise versa? Don’t worry, we have the solution. Have you ever seen a hybrid putting green/bocce court? We haven’t either, until we invented it! We are the ONLY company that offers this product. Our synthetic surface solution is maintenance free so once you are done putting just pop in our proprietary cup plugs and your Bocce court is ready.

If your not into golf, we can build you a traditional bocce ball court with an oyster shell or gold fines surface. We can also install a pervious concrete base. This allows proper drainage through the concrete without the need of a slope. Once again we are the ONLY company that offers this.

For the bocce ball court boarder we can use concrete or pressure treated wood. If you decide to go with wood, we can paint it for you or use a nicer looking red pressure treated wood.

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