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Paths / Walkways

Paths/WalkwaysWalking has long been medically proven to provide some health benefits, particularly on one’s cardiovascular health. In fact, doctors advise doing at least 20 minutes of brisk waking daily to improve blood circulation as well as prevent heart problems.

And here at O’Neill’s Green Services, we highly recommend paths and walkways to our clients living in Livermore and elsewhere in the State of California. With these outdoor amenities, they will have a ready means of exercise right inside their property without spending anything at all!

Serving Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon, Danville, Blackhawk, San Jose, Silicon Valley and neighboring cities in CA.

Great Designs for Walkways

Who doesn’t love walking on a handsome walkway? With our skilled workers, you can look forward to spending long, leisurely walks all around your property with the walkways that we will create for you.

And we don’t just create ordinary walkways, but stunning ones! You can choose from a wide array of walkway materials such as natural stone, brick, concrete slab, or pavers. For designs, there are the traditional straight and right angled ones, while you may also opt for the curved and interconnected design for an edgy look.

Paths Perfect for your Outdoor Area

Paths/Walkways Paths serve practically the same purpose as walkways. You may choose from pebbles, bricks, pavers, stepping stones, and many other materials. The design may range from rustic to edgy, and classic to modern.

Fortunately, we have a lot of available designs for you to choose from ‰ÛÓ whether you want straight paths with flowers beside them, or the curved ones with artificial ponds along the way. Whichever design you choose, you’re sure to go the right way with our stunning paths.

Our Paths and Walkways Installation

As experienced installers of top notch paths and walkways, we follow a very systematic way of creating these outdoor amenities.

First, we prepare the site where these amenities will be built. We ensure that the areas are nice and even and free from safety hazards like boulders and tree roots (but of course, we can turn such potential hazards as part of the paths or walkways!) With your approved design in hand, our skilled workers then carry out the project using the right tools and equipment. Depending on the scope of the area, we can finish the work within a week or two.

Paths/Walkways You can choose from various building materials such as wood, concrete, gravel, flagstone, brick, or cut stone. But we strongly recommend concrete pavers. Concrete pavers come in various shapes and designs that allow for optimum flexibility on our part. With the many designs to choose from, we can easily pick the one which will best complement your property’s existing structures and design.

Additionally, concrete pavers are known to last for decades, with minimal maintenance needed. This lets you save thousands of dollars on maintenance and replacement costs. Lastly, pavers greatly enhance the curb appeal and overall look of any outdoor area. With the right add-ons (like premium turf on either side of the walkway or a mini Zen garden on a curve), a bland-looking outdoor area can instantly look stunning.

Enhancing your Landscape’s Aesthetic Appeal

So make your outdoor area stand out with the attractive and functional paths and walkways that we can create for you. Contact us today and let us build these wonderful outdoor amenities for your prized residential or commercial property!

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