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Retaining Walls Installation

Retaining Walls InstallationA retaining wall is a great addition to any California yard. Even if yours has no soil erosion issues, a retaining wall can add function and visual interest to it. It can be used to maintain sloped areas, safely house fountains and other water features, and keep soil of raised gardens safely in place.

To enjoy the practical and aesthetic benefits of a retaining wall for a long time, the structure has to be constructed well. A poorly built retaining wall, on the other hand, quickly becomes an eyesore and may pose danger in the area.

Reliable Retaining Wall Installation

When it comes to retaining wall installation, everything has to be done right the first time so you don’t end up paying twice. At Forever Pavers and Grass, our catchword is perfection: we do things right the first time, every time.

Our company has been building structural and decorative retaining walls for residential and commercial applications in California for over a decade. Our construction practices meet the highest industry standards. Our retaining wall installation team consists of experienced and skilled masons who are committed to your complete satisfaction. We build using high quality materials to provide you a finished structure that increases the usability and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

What Type of Retaining Wall Do I Need for My Yard?

As a full-range retaining wall installation firm, Forever Pavers and Grass can build a variety of structural and decorative retaining walls, including:

Retaining Walls Installation

    • Gravity walls ‰ÛÒ These are the most commonly used and also the most difficult to build. These are built using masonry materials and can withstand the erosive forces of the earth.
    • Cantilevered walls ‰ÛÒ With cantilevered retaining wall installation, lesser materials are used as compared to gravity wall. When properly engineered, they provide stable, firm support against heavy loads. They can be precast or built on site.
    • Concrete Retaining Walls ‰ÛÒ These walls can safely ensconce garden or landscape plants in raised planter beds or elevated ground. Concrete walls are constructed deep into the soil, making them more resilient and resistant against cracking, bowling, or tilting.

Retaining Walls Installation

  • Block Retaining Walls ‰ÛÒ Like concrete walls, block walls are typically found in gardens. They are used to enclose a garden area. They can resist pressure from earth, as well as hydrostatic pressure.
  • Rock Retaining Walls ‰ÛÒ These are used to level flower beds in the garden. To construct a rock retaining wall, large rocks and stones are stacked together. Then, spaces or gaps are left between rocks, which are then filled with soil mix. Plants can then be planted in these spaces. When designing a rock retaining wall for your yard, we make sure the color and texture of rocks suit or complement the existing landscape design.

Why We Use Segmental Retaining Blocks

Forever Grass and Pavers only want the best for you, and this is why we use the best materials for our retaining wall installation projects. We recommend the use of interlocking segmental retaining blocks not only for their strength and durability, but also for the range of aesthetic options they provide.

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