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Sitting Walls

Sitting WallsIf you have a large outdoor area that is already landscaped, chances are, you could be tempted many times to spend time spending leisurely walks all around it just to marvel at its beauty. And while you’re having those walks, there could be times when you get tired and just want to rest your legs for awhile. But what to do when you have nowhere to sit? Why not have us build stunning and functional sitting walls for you?

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The Benefits of Having Sitting Wall

Sitting walls are also important additions to a landscape. These outdoor structures feature double sides so they can be viewed from two directions. Here are some of the benefits of having them installed in your landscaped area:

Serve as a means of resting. As the name suggests, these outdoor additions are meant to let property owners sit down and take a rest. Without them, leisurely walks around the property will not be as pleasant and relaxing, but can be tiring and uncomfortable.

Sitting Walls Delineate various parts of the landscape. They can be built between a pool and the lawn, or the fire pit area and the Zen Garden. Sitting walls will allow you to create a border between different structures and areas all over your outdoors.

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area. When built by experts like us here at Forever Pavers and Grass, any residential or commercial outdoor space will surely get much-needed boost in the aesthetic aspect. These outdoor amenities create focal points that will catch guests’ and friends’ attention with their sheer beauty.


Where to Place Sitting Walls and How We Create Them

We prefer to install sitting walls in areas where there are potentially lots of activities to be held, such as the pool, the patio, beside the Zen garden or the koi pond, and many more.

We can build straight walls, semi-circle walls, curved, right angle, or free form walls. We can suggest the most apt design for your outdoors or you can just tell us your preference and we’ll incorporate it in our design plan. Additionally, we can even put them side by side with other hardscape elements like fire pits or fireplaces, cabanas, gazebos, pillars, and the like.

Sitting Walls Our creative design team will first draw various design concepts and then present them to you accordingly. Once you’ve made your choice, our designers will then polish the plan and allow our expert masons and paver installers to work on the walls. As experts in paver installation, we prefer concrete pavers when we build hardscapes like sitting walls. Our partnership with world-class suppliers like Belgard allows us to create beautiful and durable hardscapes made of premium pavers.

When you hire us, you are rest assured that our mastery of pavers will transform your outdoor space into an eye candy, courtesy of the stunning sitting walls that we will build for you. We’ve been doing these to our clients from Livermore and other cities in California.

For one of a kind sitting walls that you can be proud of, contact Forever Pavers and Grass today.

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