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Angeline Z., Santa Clara, CA

If you’re looking to add artificial grass to your outdoor space look no further!

My family and I have been undergoing construction for over a year and a half, and we grew tired of the incessant mud and overall maintenance of our lawn in the front yard and back yard. Coupled with two Siberian Huskies that love the mud, we constantly had dirt and paw prints tracked into our home.

We began to research artificial lawns to see if this may solve our problem along with continuing to provide us with an authentic outdoor experience.

We had other companies in the area that we planned to meet with, as it is silly not to make sure you get a second opinion on such a costly purchase.

Ed met with us and looked at the area we were looking to install artificial grass and asked what we were looking to do in terms of the lawn, etc. Most importantly he asked what we were looking for. Okay, take notes folks, I absolutely dislike it when someone comes to my home and tries to “tell” me what I am looking for. I appreciate him listening first.

As we were looking to get over 2,000 Sq. ft of lawn installed, we also discussed other cost friendly designs where perhaps we wouldn’t do all 2,000 sq ft. Ed also showed us all the samples he had, in terms of price, thickness, and just overall feel. As he did come to our home when it was a little overcast, he said he would also be willing to return with the samples so we could see it in different lighting.

Ed promptly provided us a quote and other items the company could install such as Envirofill, which if you have pets is a must in my opinion as it utilizes Microban technology so you won’t have to deal with the odor of dog urine.

Moving on, the next day Ed gave us a call back to discuss the design and exact measurements of our project etc.As I mentioned earlier, we typically like to get multiple bids, but three reasons why we bypassed that step. 1. Ed genuinely cares about what you’re looking for and will provide you with the best options their company can provide you 2. The many positive Yelp Reviews out there on this company. We even reached out to people who were nice enough to tell us how much they were in love with their work and their new lawn and 3. We had already done our own research and knew roughly how much we were willing to spend per square foot, and based on #1 & #2 since the bid Ed gave us was reasonable it was a no brainer to not waste anymore time and move forward with the project.

Due to our travel schedule we were going to have the lawn installed in three weeks.¬† Doing his due diligence Ed insisted he come by and show us this new sample as he thought it was great and maybe something we would want. Now, I’ll tell you this much it is softer than the original turf we selected, but I wasn’t a fan of the color, so we didn’t switch, but I am telling you this as, wow. He cares enough to drive to my house and show me something I might like. Again tending to the customer. I love it!

Now moving on to the project, what a great team they sent out. They arrived bright and early every day and hustled. I worked from home so I was able to watch the entire process and see how hard the team was working. I had Eduardo’s team and they are such hard workers and they take pride in their work. Before they left our house everyday they would pick up after themselves and blow off our driveway or any areas they disturbed. They were incredibly clean. I also found that their machine equipment, such as their compactor and blower, was very quiet versus the company I went through to install my driveway and patio. So that was an added plus for me.

The project took a little over a week, and I couldn’t be any happier. The S line design that Eduardo and Ed created was more than I could have hoped for. I can’t even see seams, which is crazy, and the material they use (we went with a thicker pile) is of amazing quality. It looks absolutely real, and it feels amazing to lay on where my dogs, and children just want to lay in the shade and sleep outside. I just feel my yard is completely transformed.

In addition, we had gone with an additional option to have sprinklers installed as an easy way to cool the lawn off as well as let kids run around in, and Ed (this guy is great!) added a little bonus for us and installed 3 drip lines for our trees and plants that will border the lawn. Something I didn’t even think about and appreciate him thinking ahead for his client!

During our final walk through Ed gave us a little gift. I’ll keep it a secret and maybe you’ll need to go through them to see what you might get ūüėČ

40q, 1.624s