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Tasha S., San Jose, CA

When choosing a company to lay down artificial turf for our entire backyard, I had quotes from several companies and I have to say, none of the representatives matched the professionalism of Mark. He is very knowledgable and is able to answer each and every single imaginable question. After meeting with him and exchanging a few emails, we knew we were in good hands!

The team who came out to do the work were equally great – punctual, efficient and these guys are real professionals, I can tell how hard they were working to deliver the best possible result.

In fact, we liked their work so much, we added on to the existing project not once but twice. In the end, we decided to have our entire backyard territory redone by these guys – side yard turf and additional ground cover also. These add-ons were quickly accepted by the office and executed the very next day, it’s amazing how quickly these guys are able to start and finish a project.

We’re very grateful that Mike has made our house a home again; now complete with a bustling, beautiful backyard! We have two kids and three dogs and it’s truly a joy to see them playing and enjoying the lawn once again.

A special thank you to Mark for working with us every step of the way; being so quick to get back to us each and every time, checking in for feedback and ensuring the work as well as the end result were exactly what we had been expecting.

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